Fall Semester at UCAELI!

The Fall semester at UCAELI is off to a great start! We have lots of wonderful new students from all around the world joining us this fall as well as some familiar faces returning this session. We started off the session with a few days of orientation where everyone got to know each other and new students got to learn about campus.

The first few weeks at UConn each semester are full of fun activities. There are fairs and events held outside for new students including a Student Government Block Party, the Involvement Fair, and lots of sporting events!

The Involvement fair is a great opportunity for all UCAELI students to see what UConn has to offer. The fair happens once a semester and it is a chance for all student organizations to come together to tell other students what they do. These organizations can be cultural groups, volunteer clubs, cultural centers, sports teams, and more!

We like to encourage UCAELI students to join a club or student organization. It’s a great way to meet other students, make friends, and practice your English! The best way to improve your English is to keep practicing and talking to others. Clubs offer UCAELI students a way to do that in a fun place.

Photo Credit – Owen Bonaventura via UConn Student Involvement Facebook

We have a lot more fun activities coming up including a trip to the Big E and apple picking! These are really fun fall activities that lots of people in New England like to do when the weather starts to get a little colder. International Student and Scholar Services will also be sponsoring a trip to Newport, RI in October!