Stacy Kluczwski


What makes Stacy a great fit to instruct the UCAELI curriculum is the combination of her: receiving a Masters in TESOL, experience working with students spanning all ages (both public and private schools), and the rewarding and enlightening opportunity of hosting a high school student from China for a year.  Stacy is a proponent of the UCAELI philosophy: student as teacher, teacher as facilitator—thriving on blending scaffolded thought-provoking lessons that incorporate creativity and purpose.  Second language acquisition is not only a profession but a passion.  Currently, Stacy is working with a team on a UConn grant funded project, assessing and analyzing the phonology of fifteen signed languages around the world.  Stacy is fascinated on incorporating components of visual languages with verbal languages—particularly with second language learners. Stacy was thrilled to join the UCAELI team in 2018.