Saudi Scholarship

You must provide a valid financial guarantee (FG) from SACM to UCAELI prior to the payment due date. UCAELI’s payment due date is always the first day of the session.
Your financial guarantee covers course fees only. Any other fees are the responsibility of the student and must be paid by the due date (first day of session). Items NOT covered by the FG include housing, meals, student ID cards, parking fees, private tutoring.

A delay in submitting your FG may result in a late fee of $30 or cancellation of your enrollment.

All fees are the student’s responsibility. If SACM does not pay the course fees for any reason within 45 days of the billing date, the student will be responsible for payment in full.

Financial guarantees are generally valid for one semester. We require an FG that is valid for the dates of the full semester. Students may need to provide a new financial guarantee for each semester that they attend. These are always due on the first day of the semester and all late penalties will be incurred as described above.

Individuals in the U.S. on visitor or F-2 dependent visas are eligible to study at UCAELI. Please contact Ana Colón for more details at

It is generally preferable to exit the US and apply for an F-1 visa in your home country.