What to do in an Emergency

If there is a serious emergency call 911.

For all other problems please contact the UCAELI office. During business hours you can call 860-486-2127.

After business hours please call the UCAELI Emergency number at 860-420-6051. You can also call the University Police at 860-486-4801.

All students will be notified of emergencies on campus by the UConn Alert Notification System. Please visit the UConn alert page for more information.

If there is a serious emergency call 911.

If you are sick please visit the Infirmary on campus. The advice nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted at 860-486-2719. Please visit the Student Health Services website for more information and their hours.

Other medical centers in the area:

The proper use of 911 includes possible life-threatening situations such as:
  • Automobile accident
  • Someone has collapsed, been injured, or is in physical distress
  • Someone is being threatened or attacked
  • Gunshots have been heard or gunfire has been seen
  • Something is on fire
Improper use of 911 includes:
  • Non-emergency medical issues such as aches and pains, flu symptoms, minor cuts, etc.
  • Getting lost
  • Getting information such as weather, traffic, directions or telephone numbers
  • Calling to ask why emergency personnel are at a certain location
  • Reporting burst pipes or loss of power
  • Calling as a joke
For all non-serious emergencies, please call the UCAELI office or the UCAELI emergency number. If you need to call 911 please get in touch with a UCAELI staff member at some point to let us know what is happening.
The UConn Alert Notification System allows the University to contact the community in the event of an emergency. The system includes:
  • Website alerts
  • Emails
  • Voicemail
  • Outdoor sirens
  • Code blue kiosks
  • Text messages

To receive text messages, please make sure that your information in Student Admin is up to date.

UCAELI follows the same guidelines as UConn. When UConn classes are cancelled due to weather, so are UCAELI classes. All students will be notified of the closing by the University and a UCAELI staff member. Make sure to check your UConn email for official class cancellation.
Sometimes students have emergencies at home and they may need to return home. Make sure that your family knows multiple ways to get in touch with you while you are here. Give your family the UCAELI contact information just in case they cannot get in contact with you.
Make sure that if you need to leave the country for any reason, you talk to ISSS before leaving so that you can return to the country at a later date. Make sure you notify UCAELI staff of any plans you have to return home.