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 College Prep Experience | Tuition & Required Fees | Approximate Total Costs 

Required fees are bold.
Variable (optional) fees are gray and marked with an asterisk (*).

Session / Time Fall/Spring
(15 weeks)
Summer 2020 (6 weeks)
 Dates Fall 2021
August 30 – December 17
Summer I 2022
May 23 – July 1
Spring 2022
January 18 – May 6
Summer II 2022
July 11 – August 19
 Application Fee $150 $150
Enrollment Deposit $350 $350
Visa Compliance Fee
$350 $350
 UCAELI Course Fees $6,000 $2,600
Medical Insurance – University Plan (students may waive this with proof of adequate insurance) $1,153.00 479.50
Student Health and Wellness Fee $290
 On Campus Housing $3,619 – $6,860*  $1,008 – 1,770*
Off Campus Apartment  $2,500 – $3,500* N/A*
Full-Meal Plan   $2,855 – $3,063* $1,026 – 1,210*
Community Meal Plan (available to commuters + certain dorms) $282 (25 meals)* $282 (25 meals)*
Institutional TOEFL Exam $45* $45*

Note: Please refer to the Residential Life website at for details regarding housing and dining prices. UCAELI cannot guarantee single or double room requests. Dormitory assignments are based on availability.

Explanation of Fees:


Application Fee

Non-refundable fee covering application processing.

Enrollment Deposit

Non-refundable and non-transferable fee required of all new and returning UCAELI students. For more information visit the FAQ page.

Visa Compliance Fee

The visa compliance fee applies specifically to students on an F-1 and J-1 visa. For more information please visit the ISSS website.

Course Fee

Based on 22 hours of instruction per week.

Student Health & Wellness Fee

Please visit the Student Health Services website for more information.

On Campus Housing

Single or shared room dormitory on campus. UCAELI cannot guarantee specific room requests. Every effort is made to accommodate housing requests but availability is dependent on the Department of Residential Life and is not guaranteed. Students who wish to live on campus are encouraged to apply at least a month before the start of the program.

Meal Plan

Students living in dorms must purchase a full meal plan. There are several options available. **Exceptions are students living in dormitories with kitchen access.**

Student Medical Insurance

All full-time UCAELI students are required by the University to maintain health insurance coverage. Students will be charged for a university plan unless they provide proof of adequate insurance.

Refund Policy

If you decide not to attend the program, your $150 application fee will not be refunded. However, if you submit a new application within 12 months from the date of the first application, we will credit the $150 application fee to your account. In case of illness or other emergency, UCAELI will refund your course fees on a prorated basis upon receipt of proper documentation. The $350 enrollment deposit will not be refunded unless your visa has been denied. If you choose to defer your acceptance, you will need to pay the $350 enrollment deposit again. If your visa has been denied and you need a refund, you will need to submit documentation showing that your visa was denied.