Pathway Program at ECNU (Baoshan Campus)

Located in Shanghai, China

Language Courses:

Students are enrolled in UCAELI Academic English Courses. This includes:

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Listening and Speaking
  • EAP Reading and Writing
  • Interactions – a course that combines speaking and writing and includes conversation partners

The UCAELI English Language courses will be taught virtually and include 15 live hours with the instructor and classmates each week. The instructors will provide the course materials using the University of Connecticut Blackboard Learning System, called HuskyCT.

University Courses

In-Person University Credit Courses Taught in English

  • Students will enroll in university credit courses at the Baoshan campus
  • Students will participate in support courses designed to promote academic success in their university credit courses.
  • The credit courses may transfer to UConn (it is the student’s choice whether or not to transfer the courses to their undergraduate transcript).
  • The courses will go on a University of Connecticut Non-Degree Transcript and can later be transferred to a student’s undergraduate program.

Conversation Partners

Connect with students on the University of Connecticut campus.

  • The UCAELI English courses will include conversation partners during class and options to meet online with UConn students outside of class.


  • In-person activities will be provided by ECNU’s Global Education Center.

Housing & Meal Plans

Recommendations for housing and meal plans will be provided by ECNU’s Global Education Center.