Pathway Program at UConn Campus (Storrs Campus)

Language Courses: Full-Time Study

Students are enrolled in 22 class hours per week. This includes:

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Listening and Speaking
  • EAP Reading and Writing
  • The choice of 2 afternoon electives or a UConn course
    *the option for a UConn course is only available in the Fall and Spring semesters, not the summer

University Courses

Students may enroll in university courses for credit or they may choose to observe a university course. Course topics vary by semester. Students choose whether to transfer the credits and grades of the university courses once they become full time university students.

Support is provided by UCAELI instructors to assist students with their university course. Support includes:

  • Coping with a large amount of new vocabulary
  • Understanding course requirements and deadlines
  • Developing skills such as listening, reading strategies for academic texts, note taking strategies, time management, and identifying and connecting with classmates for help outside of class

Student Life

In your free time you can:

  • Practice English by joining activities such as student clubs and organizations, outdoor games, shopping trips, and other fun events!
  • Work out in the gym, use the swimming pool, climb the indoor rock wall
  • Attend concerts, plays, and other performances
  • Go to one of our many university sporting events
  • Enjoy an exciting and diverse university community

Housing & Meals

Students live in University of Connecticut Residence Halls and eat in university dining halls on campus. Off-campus housing is available but the student must make their own arrangements.