General English

General English is great for beginner to advanced students

who want to focus on communication, reading, and writing in all contexts.

Outstanding Features of the General English Program

  • Small class sizes with an average of 10 students in each class.
  • Students create digital portfolios.
  • Opportunities to explore American culture through trips.
  • Conversation Partner Program connects English Language students with American students and local community members inside and outside the classroom.
  • Students get individualized support and feedback for their goals.

Core Courses and Levels

There are three core English courses that all full-time students must take. These courses are Communication Skills, Focus on Writing, and Reading Discussion.

There are five levels for each core course:

  • A1 and A1+ = Beginner
  • A2 and A2+ = High Beginner
  • B1 and B1+ = Intermediate
  • B1 = High Intermediate
  • B2+ and C2 = Advanced

Students are placed in core courses by placement tests (new students) or final course evaluations (continuing students).

Full-Time Study

Full-time students take core courses and choose two afternoon electives. Students must participate in 22 hours of English classes per week.

Part-Time Study

Part-time study is not available for F1 or J1 students.

UCAELI Student Life

In your free time you can:

  • Practice English by joining activities such as student clubs and organizations, outdoor games, shopping trips, and other fun events!
  • Work out in the gym or use the swimming pool.
  • Attend concerts, plays, and other performances.
  • Go to one of our many university sporting events.
  • Enjoy an exciting and diverse university community!