General English – Apply Now

How to Apply for the UCAELI Intensive English Program (IEP)

Step One:

Apply Now

Note: The Online Application requires a $150 application fee payment with a credit card. If you did not complete this step please go to the UConn Payment Store to complete your payment. Your application will be marked incomplete if you do not pay the fee.

Step Two:

Request an I-20 from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

In order to receive your I-20 you will need to prepare the following documents:

Copy of Passport You will need a copy of the full page that contains your biographic information.
You will also need to submit the passports’ of any dependents coming with you.
Financial Declaration Form The UConn Financial Declaration Form is available on the ISSS website.
If you are being funded by a personal sponsor they must complete Part 2: Personal Sponsor Declaration.
Proof of Funding The guidelines for funding can be found on the ISSS website
All funding documents must meet the following criteria
1. Issued within the past 3 months
2. In English
3. Bank statements must identify the account holder and the currency
4. Funding must be liquid funds such as a savings/banking statement or certificate of deposit. (no investment funds or salary confirmations)

If you need assistance requesting an I-20 please contact ISSS directly at

Step Three:

Complete the Placement Exams sent to you by UCAELI. The two exams that need to be completed are:
1. The Oxford English Placement Exam
2. The HuskyCT Exam

Step Four:

Pay the $350 enrollment deposit using the Payment Store. Please note that the enrollment deposit is non-refundable. You will not receive your I-20 until you pay the enrollment deposit.

Step Five:

UCAELI will mail your I-20 after all of the above tasks are completed.


If you are having any difficulty with the application process, please contact the UCAELI office at