Welcome New Summer Students

We have created this guide to help you before you arrive at UCAELI this summer! We have broken down the page into different sections so click on the link to the question you have.

The topics we cover are:

  1. Housing
  2. Arrival to Campus
  3. First Day
  4. Paying Your Bill
  5. Health Services
  6. Events
  7. Travel
  8. Emergency Contact Number
  9. Other Helpful Hints


This summer all students living on campus will be living in the Werth Residence Hall.  The Werth Residence Hall is a brand new building on campus! There are lots of interesting things about this dormitory so check out the Residential Life website for more information. There are even pictures!

You can definitely live off campus if you do not want to live in a dorm. There are a lot of options in the area for students to live. Check out the Off Campus Housing website for more information about local places to live.

If you have already applied for housing for the summer and fall, please email Ali at alexandra.schipani@uconn.edu to let her know that you have changed you plans.

The dorms will open on Sunday July 8, 2018. You will go to the Werth Residence Hall to check in and get your keys. Make sure you have uploaded your photo to the OneCard Office so that you can get your ID card at check-in.

One week before you move in to your dorm, Residential Life will send you an email with information on how to check in. Once you arrive at check-in they will give you your room assignment.
If you would like to move in before July 8, 2018 you will need to contact Vince Walker at Residential Life. You can email him at vincent.walker@uconn.edu
In the summer, rooms are charged by the week so you will have to pay for an entire week to move in early.

Residential Life has a great list of items that you should bring when you come to campus. However, there are a lot of things on that list. We suggest that you bring all of the important items you may need such as clothing, toiletries, electronics, medication, and something to sleep with your first night.

We will be taking everyone who wants to go to Walmart on Monday July 9th for supplies. Claim your seat on the bus by purchasing your ticket online through the Marketplace.

You can also have thing sent to the Amazon Pick-up Store. They are open Monday through Sunday, 9:00am – 9:00pm. You will be able to pick up your items on the first day.

If you would like to request a roommate, please contact Vince Walker at Residential Life. You can email him at vincent.walker@uconn.edu

This summer you will be eating at Putnam Dining Hall. Putnam Dining Hall is located right next to the Werth Residence Hall!

Arrival to Campus

On July 8th you will go to your dorm. The address for the Werth Building is 2378 Alumni Dr. Storrs, CT. On Saturday some of the UCAELI staff will be on campus in the afternoon to meet you. We will send out specific details before you arrive.

Unfortunately the shuttle that UConn used to provide from the airport to campus is no longer running. There are car services and public transportation that you can take to get to campus but UConn no longer provides any of the services. We suggest that you take a cab or an uber to get to campus from the airport. The cost is about $60 to get to campus. Here is a link to the Bradley Airport taxi services.

There are two ways that you can get to campus from New York City or Boston. You can either take a Peter Pan bus which will take you right to campus or you can get a car service.

You can take a look at the ISSS website for more information on ways to get to campus.

In order to park on campus you will need to go to Parking Services to pick up your parking pass. You can request a parking pass online before you arrive on the Parking Services Website. Parking Services also has a parking map on their website which will show you which lots you are allowed to use as a student.

First Day of Class

On Monday July 9th you will go to McHugh Hall at 9:00am. If you get lost, McHugh Hall used to be called Laurel Hall so some people might now it as that.
Here is a link to the campus map so you can see where to go.
You should bring your:
  1. Passport
  2. Student ID card (you will get this at housing check-in)
  3. Paper and Pen to take notes
You will get your class schedule on Wednesday July 11th from the UCAELI Office before class. During orientation we will show you where all of the classrooms are so that you do not get lost on your first day of class.

Paying your bill

Students will be billed during the first week of classes. After the fee bills are issued, students will be notified by the UCAELI Office and the Bursar. Students will have 10 days to pay their bill.
Students can pay their bill online or in person. During orientation, we will show you where the Bursar is so that you know how to pay your bill. The Bursar’s website has a complete list of payment options for you to look at.

Health Services

You can submit your health history form directly to Student Health Services through the Student Health Portal.
Do not worry! Any vaccines you are missing you can get when you arrive at Student Health Services during your health check-in.
All international UCAELI students are required to have Consolidated Health Plan insurance. You are all automatically enrolled in the insurance plan, there is nothing you need to do.


This summer UCAELI will be having a trip to New York City! The cost of the trip will be $40 and you can buy your ticket now on the UConn Marketplace! Here is a link to pay for the trip to New York City. Space is limited so buy quick!
UConn has tons of events that you can participate in as a UCAELI student. This is a great opportunity to meet new people outside of the program and practice English! Check out the UConn Summer Activities website for more information!


There are two bus lines that will get you around Connecticut.

The WRTD bus will get you from campus to Willimantic. Willimantic is a close town with a mall, restaurants, stores, movie theater, and more! This bus is free for students, but you have to order your u-pass online from Parking Services.

The other option is the CTFastTrak which also comes to campus. You can use the same u-pass to use this bus for free.

The easiest way to travel from campus to other parts of the country is to take the Peter Pan Bus. You can leave right from campus!

You can also take the CTFastTrak to Union Station in Hartford. You can take the Amtrak trains directly from the station or you can take Hartford Line which connects you to MetroNorth.

UConn also has a partnership with Zipcar so you can rent one of the many cars on campus if you would like.

Make sure that you are making travel plans when there is a break. You do not want to miss class!

If you want to leave the country you will need to make sure you get a travel signature from ISSS before you go.

Emergency Contact

The UCAELI emergency cell phone number is 860-420-6051. You can call this number at any time if you have a problem, just make sure you leave a message! Definitely write this number down before you come to UCAELI in case you have any problems getting to campus. You can also use WhatsApp with this number.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page on what to do in an emergency.

Other Helpful Hints

Definitely download the UConn App before you come. This app has everything including campus bus schedules, campus map, weather, news, and more! The app is called MyUConn and you can get it for your cellphone.
UConn has buses that run all around campus. You can find the maps and schedules on the UConn Transportation Website.
As a full time F-1 student, you are allowed to work on campus. You can find student employee jobs online at the Student Employment Website.
All campus resources are open to UCAELI students. This includes the library, the gym, the museums, and the student union. Make sure you take full advantage of everything UConn has to offer!
ISSS can help you get a driver’s license if you want one. The ISSS website has a complete list of instructions on how to get a license including a checklist!
UCAELI students are welcome to join any club on campus. There are hundreds of clubs with a variety of interests including academics, cultural, athletics, and more! For a complete list of organizations check out the UConntact website.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (follow #UCAELI) to see what we are going to be up to this summer!